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Preserving your sanity...even though school starts next week!

It's almost here. The back to school Open House excitement has come and gone. Supplies have been gathered. And I guarantee that the conversations have been had- even if only in your head- that this school year will be different. We will not run place to place EVERYDAY...nope! We will have NO HOMEWORK DRAMA! nope!

But you know what's funny about people? People do what they know. It's true. Have you ever tried to learn to do something new? It takes time and deliberate practice...and change can be hard.

With that being said, what is your plan for making this year different? I have read several great articles about the tendencies of American families to over-schedule and generate unnecessary stress for the entire family and have to admit that I saw myself in their words. I absolutely created unnecessary stress for all of us. Is that Pitching lesson- squeezed in after Piano lessons and before Boy Scouts worth all of the angst and exhaustion it creates? Especially when it's followed by having to go home and still have homework. Then you duplicate this level of activity by the number of children you have, and then add in the obligations for the parents.

Think about what you can cut out or cut back on so you can change the pace for your family. Consider what it would be like to take back some of your freedom and to allow your children the same grace. The reduction in stress from a planned reduction in obligations for the family will be noticeable!

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