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We have all had those ongoing, nagging concerns that just drag you down! How about the struggles of those tough teen-age years? Counseling can include many avenues to address those concerns and help you move forward.

Individual counseling can help you with issues that are affecting your daily outlook. Or maybe exploring your skills and attributes is what you need to help you regain your focus and drive for your work life. Other session options are available to meet your individual or family needs.

Your first session will be used as a consultation to help us understand your goals for  our time together.


What can we do for you?


Individual Counseling

During the initial session, the needs of the client will be discussed and next steps will be determined.

Most clients will have a session bi-weekly initially, then will be adjusted accordingly.

College and Career Counseling

Are you unhappy with your job or school? What are your natural talents?  Are you ready for the next step after high school?

Answering a few questions and reviewing your attributes might be what you need to refocus and redirect your pursuits.

Non-traditional Counseling

Is it hard to sit and talk? Would you prefer to walk and talk?

Our sessions can be "on the move".  There are many options for our sessions  to meet the needs of the client (movement with discussion often works well for adolescents).


Group Options

The opportunity to work in a group setting can be highly effective for certain situations.

If appropriate for you, this option can be explored.

Settings for group sessions can vary as well, if appropriate.


Consultation and Supervision

Consultation and Training opportunities are available for individuals or institutions.  Supervision is available for LCSW  and LPC licensure.

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