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What is the benefit of Self-pay vs. Insurance?

As you sort through your options for counseling, the financial aspect has to be considered.  Like it or not, money plays a role in our decisions. The information below is for your consideration as you develop your plan.  You will find excellent clinicians on both sides of the insurance question.


If you have health insurance you most likely have benefits for behavioral/mental health included in your premium.  So why not use what you are already paying for? 

Do you have to meet a deductible before insurance will pay for counseling?

Is your reason for seeking counseling covered (medically necessary)?

When using insurance to cover counseling, you give up a level of confidentiality.  Your personal information and session notes will be submitted to your insurance company for review.  As a self-pay client, your information stays between you and your therapist.

Your insurance company requires your therapist to submit a diagnosis for review and to receive payment for services.  This diagnosis will become a part of your medical record.  Therapists with self-pay clients can take some time to gather necessary information.

Your insurance company will determine how many sessions you will be allowed.  As a self-pay client, you and your therapist will develop a timeline in relation to your goals.

If your insurance company changes, it's possible your therapist will not be on your new plan.  At that point, you will have a decision to make;  this situation will not arise as a self-pay client.

You are only responsible for your co-pay when you go through your insurance company for mental health.   Often you will find that the fees for self-pay clients are the same or close to the same as your co-pay.

South River Counseling & Consulting, LLC (SRCC) is now able to accept ANTHEM/BCBS of GA.  We are seeking the ability to accept  limited insurance plans. Until we have your insurance as an option, we make every effort to work within our clients financial constraints.

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